Our December Newsletter

Our December Newsletter

A Note From Us

      As 2023 comes to an end we want to extend our deepest gratitude and most sincere thanks for being a fan and supporting our music.  There were many amazing moments this year, selling out our first headlining show, watching our music video for Passenger, surpass 100k views, seeing our music appear on many prominent playlists, none of which would be possible without your support.

 As far as current events go we recently had the   privilege to collaborate with two superbly talented   videographers. Stephen @dopehiatus directed the   music video for our latest single “Speedrun”.   Filmed intimately and with subtle modulation   Stephen was able to capture the essence of the   song in a way we all truly felt…

 Our latest video for our song “Spacecape,” directed by Haoran Chen @filmakerdanch is a vision of dream-like surrealism and horror.  We filmed to the early morning sacrificing our own dreams but totally worth it and a lot of fun.

If you want a glimpse into our homestudio/creative lair where we somehow manage to take our scattered pieces of music and mold them into songs worth listening to checkout this interview with @punxmedia. We discuss all things musical and you may even hear an unreleased track…

Special thanks to @txjproductions for their recent editing of our song “Passenger.” The video was taken from our latest show at the 529 

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We are all very excited going into the new year, new music, new collaborations, all in the works. Stay tuned…




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Been loving y’all music and the show at Smith’s was fantastic! I’ve enjoyed the interviews and look forward to what this year has for y’all!

Roshaun Titus

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