About Us

Internet Islands is the long-term musical collaboration between drummer Anderson Chabdeo, vocalist Miyon, guitarist Matt Petino, and bassist/arranger Ryan Renoud.  True to its name, this Atlanta Indie rock band’s origins are not to be found in childhood friendships or local meetings at a coffee shop, but instead the chance, or perhaps fate encounter of having all answered the same Craigslist ad.  Brought together, sight unseen, and purely by a desire to create, Internet Islands is a true reflection of Atlanta.  A cosmopolitan band that is both modern and retro, masculine and feminine, popular and avant-garde.

Founded in 2019 by Atlanta native and veteran keyboardist Ari Meier, Internet Islands began as a five piece featuring Bri Arnaud on Vocals, and Meier on Keyboards and synthesizers.  Employing a method similar to krautrock band CAN, long improvised and unstructured sessions would be recorded with the aim of tapping into unconscious feeling. These recordings were later listened back to and edited, serving as the source of inspiration for the band's early works. 

Eventually Arnaud left the band and was replaced by Miyon on Vocals.  With Miyon songwriting took on a more deliberate and conscious approach, resulting in a more refined sound that evokes past musical motifs while still utilizing contemporary sensibilities, a sound often described as modern nostalgia. The release of the single “Spacecape” quickly followed, then at the invitation of local radio station WREK Internet Islands made their Atlanta debut live on-air.

Since their initial debut Internet Islands has quickly developed a dedicated following both locally and internationally.  In a musical environment where bands are appearing less and less relevant, Internet Islands has been consistently praised for their technical prowess, on-stage energy and engrossing visual performance.

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