Our March Newsletter

Our March Newsletter

˙✮ MARCH ˙

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March is coming to an end :(

If you’ve been keeping up with us, hi and welcome back! If this is your first letter, hello thanks for joining and if you’re interested you can follow the link below to see what other stuff you might have missed.  Newsletters

I’m currently writing to you from Maze studios where we’re having our first external recording sesh with Sophia. We’re super excited to be working on our next single Butterflies Make Me Sick and can’t wait to have this out for you all.

˚𖦹 °

I started writing this song in my bedroom last year in April , learned maybe three guitar chords and went to work. This one definitely has a cute lighthearted feel to it where I give a candid insight into the fear of abandonment that sometimes comes along with a close relationship. ♡

our first paper interview done by seangemmel for recordplugmagazine

We were lucky enough to be featured in Record Plug Magazine’s, an Atlanta/Athens based music print mag, March 2024 issue. Interviewed and shot by Sean Gemmel who did an amazing job throughout the entire process.  If you follow this link you’ll be able to see where you can pick one up to find out about more local Atlanta bands.

˚𖦹 °

 Our first show of the year was on the 29th at Terminal West. We wanna say a huge thank you to everyone who came out to see us open for Doom Flamingo. As always we had a blast performing and of course seeing your faces after the set.

If you weren’t able to make this one, no worries because we’re excited to announce we’ll be headlining  our next show on April 26th!! Yoppie We’ll be playing with our friends Room213 and Envilittle at Aisle 5 you’re not gonna want to miss this.

𖦹 Aisle 5 Tickets  𖦹


flyer by @cannedguacamole

At Aisle 5 as always we’ll be waiting at the merch stand to meet you after the show. There’s gonna be some cool new embroidered t-shirts and gig posters designed by our buddy Xino (linked above) everyone say thank you Xino. Can’t wait to see you all in April!


𖦹 Get your tickets here  𖦹

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